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Strategic Point Marketing

Boost the number of positive reviews

Want to boost the number of positive reviews you receive on Google, Face Book, Yelp and other sites? Our clients commonly use this review program to increase their chances of receiving positive feedback. Check out how it works! We offer a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL to all our clients.

Increase your sales

Want to increase your sales? Do you have cold leads sitting around gathering dust? Move those prospects from early stage lead to closed customer status using our proprietary sales process. Click here to learn more.

Strategic Point Marketing
Strategic Point Marketing

Education Platform

Educating consumers about your product or service is the number one way to overcome their buying objections. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a system that allowed a consumer to login for access to all kinds of educational material such as blogs, podcasts, videos and whitepapers? The Never Blue Room is an education-based platform that stores all these materials in one location. This means you can easily publish new materials and keep your users coming back for more! Even better…want to monetize your educational material? Never Blue Room lets you easily create subscription platforms inside of the program which makes it possible to turn all your material into profit.