That is a loaded question. There are three things to think about when building a website. 1 – What is the goal? More important, what is the winning strategy that will get you to that goal? Who is going to come up with this strategy and ensure it works? You can use a low level marketing mind or a high powered intellectual. You have to start by choosing that. 2 – Who is going to design it? Do you want a designer that works part time while driving an Uber or do you want a solid veteran that understands how to take strategies and turn them into art. The next part of this section is to think about how many changes you put the design through. If you have A LOT of changes, you can expect to pay a lot more. 3 – The question is the same as the previous 2. Do you want a coder that knows SEO and how to code things so that it is friendly to Google? Or do you want a clunky website that Google and visitors land on and it does not work half the time, so they bounce. After all that in mind. Websites with SPM will range from $3000 and upwards.

This depends on what goal you chose to reach with your build. Are you looking for a simple 3 pager maximum to test the waters of having a presence on the internet? Or are you looking to rebuild, or optimize your current site? There are different time frames for different projects. We don’t skimp out just because your goals can be considered a simple build or, water down our efforts because you need a complex build. We strategize and tailor your needs to the structure of the wave that SEO is currently on. Remember, SEO is dynamic, always changing, and without the experience of seasoned “been there done that” background, you may end up wasting your time and money.
At SPM we consider that the key in successfully keeping and preserving client relationships is communication. We have a close-knit team of project managers that will keep you up to date with the website building and maintaining process. WE make the process as feasible as possible for you, with the full intention of complete No need to bug you with technicalities of coding, our team will ensure that your vision is present, and expectations are met.
Yes! We have writers in our team with SEO tools to come up with new content all the time. Our team also takes care of structuring the foundation of your site in the planning stage, which also gives us the ability to create your sitemap.
100%, everything that is built by us for you is yours. We have clients stay with us for the longevity of their website because we continuously work on keeping their sites relevant. Consider us the personal trainer of your site, we keep it healthy and work on specific focus areas throughout. If the only solution you are looking for is to have site built and then do your own thing, we’re okay with that too. No matter what, the website is yours.
Absolutely. Though the task may get a little demanding due to having to go through work that was not ours, we don’t shy away from helping when we see an opportunity. We are a solution-oriented firm, so we will review the site and if it’s something we can fix we will. If not, no worries, we’ll be sure to have plan B, C, through Z ready for you to resolve your issue.
Yes! We have access to stock photos that you may absolutely use if we are helping with the build of your site.
We work with an extensive range of clients in varying industries. From small startups in health and beauty, mom and pops with years of experience in pest control, to mom and pops going corporate with real estate services and established corporations in finance and many more. We enjoy adapting our services to those that our clients offer; it keeps us motivated to explore new content and learn about it!
Ranking high on Google’s search engine means that your website is one that is driving the most traffic and getting the most leads. Thus, putting you at the top of the search results for your product or service, which then translates to that service or product having the highest probability of being purchased through your site.
In short, we work diligently at studying trends, keeping up to date with the latest subject matter in SEO and spend time scrutinizing the results to experiments shared by the SEO community. We all collectively draw conclusions about what key factors may affect ranking.
Remember that algorithm Google isn’t sharing? Well, one thing we do know, is that it relies on semantic search- words. The appropriate use of “keywords” will allow your website to come up more often for users to click on. You can try looking for these key words or phrases by checking out what are some typical questions that come up in your industry, any topics that are trending, and covering areas that your competition isn’t covering.
This is one of our favorite tools used for keyword research on your website. It enables us to see how our clients rank compared to their competitors, which then allow us to come up with superior strategies to use in maintaining our client’s websites.
From our experience incorporating SEO into your businesses’ livelihood is a process that reaps its value through delayed gratification. SEO is not an extra page you add to your sight, SEO is the lifestyle that you adapt your website to. The ROI from SEO is one of the most beneficial gains, so long as the best strategies and practices are focused on.
A SEO marketing strategy is one of the main marketing strategies that will allow businesses to have a significant presence on the internet and prosper. Although, there are other marketing strategies to help with your business, SEO tailors your website to the algorithms that search engines use to rank them… AKA what we do at SPM.
Gasp! How do you know about this? Just kidding, we’re glad you asked. Google Analytics is the most popular tool used in the SEO industry to make the best-informed decisions for our clients based on data. It provides statistics and analytical tools for us to tinker with to help you rank and prosper.
Yes, our team includes developers that have worked on making websites mobile friendly. We can help keep your site optimized while making it accessible through all devices.
Web hosting is a service that allows you to have a presence and be viewed on the internet. Yes, you really need it. It is a service necessary for your website to live on the internet. So, it’s kind of like the web hosting provider is a multi-family apartment building and your website is its tenant.
The domain name is like your websites address on the internet. Usually it’s something along the lines of mybusiness.com. Your business can be the same as you domain name, so long as it has not already been used. So there may be a chance of having your domain name be some sort of variation of your business name.
Yes! Our proposals are customized with certain factors that meet the needs of our clients. You want to keep up with Google and Facebook? Cool. We’ve got tools for that.
Local Search is the use of a geographic tag like city, state, or zip codes as part of the search phrase when your Googling. Businesses with physical locations benefit from this efficient way for search engines to deliver relevant results.
The web is a breathing living thing, and search engine results change often. Understanding that dynamic of the web is what SEO is all about. Rankings can change for various reasons, such as new sites being built, search engines can change how they evaluate websites, older preexisting websites, pages, or content can be taken offline, sites may have revamped their presence by using SPM to do their SEO… really the changes may be endless.