What Most Business Owners Don’t Realize is that


of marketing agencies use a back
office to do the ACTUAL work.

Strategic Point Marketing manages
more than 20 back office companies.

We are the people behind the scenes enhancing your company name in the search engine game. This enables clients to focus on the product or service they’re passionate about.
Leaving the SEO legwork to us (this is what we are passionate about).
The only concern that you should have is that you are dealing with the mark up.

If you bring a quote to Strategic Point Marketing and we can’t beat it…

We will give you $1,000 CASH.

Disclaimer: The services and size of company must be comparable.
You can’t get a quote from your brother or some kid in the basement and ask us to beat it.



This program offers fundamental SEO checkpoints that all websites need in order to rank
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Did You Know There are
3 Different Brain Types
When Building A Website?

Important questions for Business owners to think about are…

Who do you want coding your website?

Is your website keeping up with the ever-changing times?

What do you think the BEST website coder, builder and SEO person looks like?

Who writes the message and puts it all together?

Close your eyes and think about each of these types of people.
How do you picture each of them? Are they the same?

The answers:

You want a designer laying out your website! A designer is someone that looks at things and knows how to make them beautiful and easy on the eyes; they are professionals at making things aesthetically pleasing. They do more than just put lipstick on a pig. They are more like the ‘Fairy Godmother’ in Cinderella that turns the pumpkin into a beautiful chariot.
Truth is, you want a professional who is just as passionate about their craft as you are about yours. Coders translate your service or product into another language or code that the internet can read. Remember the Matrix and all the green numbers? Yeah, we’re basically working with the Neo’s and Trinity’s to optimize how your website functions.

Finally, ask yourself if you want to spend the time doing the following:

  • Finding the two people above.

  • Teaching them how to work together.

  • Writing the content that helps consumers understand perfectly what your company does.

There’s a person for that,
they’re the Strategist

This is the person that knows how to speak to your prospective audience. They’re smooth and possess a tone that attracts and can effectively communicate what your providing with ease.
All while executing the actions needed to prosper.

Meet our lead strategist and founder of Strategic Point Marketing.


Test Yourself To See If You Need To
Hire A Digital Marketing Service.




Print out the homepage
of your website.



Print out 2 of the top
listed websites.



Highlight all the phrases
that are the same or
slightly the same.


I am willing to bet that you will find that most of the page is highlighted.
I can tell you exactly why. You have fallen into the “Platitude Trap!”

“Platitude Trap”

Most Companies Fall Into This Category

This happens when business owners (or business development companies) write their own marketing,
trying to think that they are saying what makes them great!


Now, Go Learn More About the Platitude Trap.


You are saying the same thing that every other company is saying!
This makes it hard for consumers to decide who the better choice to hire from REALLY is.

In life we all make decisions based on three elements. From choosing to buy a stick to gum and all
the way to making the biggest purchase of your life. A car, boat, house or vacation.


3 Steps to Making Any Purchase

Three core elements that Strategic Point Marketing targets when upselling
and making our clients stand out among the competition are:


  • Strategic Point Marketing The advantages consumers have when owning YOUR Product or Service
  • Strategic Point Marketing Knowing what objections people may have before buying your Products or service
  • Strategic Point Marketing Why you’re the better choice and deserve their business.