Why should someone ever
buy your service or product?
Maybe there are better options?


Advantages To Ownership.

We have all been in a spot where we are trying to decide if we really want something. Do you really need or want that Gatorade or should you drink water? Should you drink a protein drink or energy drink?
You are thinking about multiple things on a deeper level. Gatorade has a flavor that you crave, yet water is good for you and has no sugar. Are you starting to think about the advantages?

Have you identified the advantages
to owning your product or service?

How To Educate Consumers –
Help Them Understand Why
Buying What You Sell Is Needed –


Overcoming Objections

Most people can guess what the number one objection is! PRICE. You guessed it. Can “I” afford it? We would all love to own a fancy car, fast boat and large house! These are all WANTS, not needs. We don’t have to have a car but it sure is nice when we have one. We don’t have to have air conditioning, but it is nice to have! This is similar to advantages of ownership. Yet, we are now identifying the objections you are faced with. Your goal should be how to overcome consumers objections through extremely clear, convincing messaging. You must explain what you sell faster, clearer, and stronger than anyone else. Big companies like AT&T, Bud Light, and other large groups are good at this, but most companies don’t have their budget to get that type of messaging!

You need to consider hiring a fractional CMO.

Check out our Founders Other Company.

“Platitude Trap”

Most Companies Fall Into This Category

This happens when business owners (or business development companies) write their own marketing,
trying to think that they are saying what makes them great!


Now, Go Learn More About the Platitude Trap.


You are saying the same thing that every other company is saying!
This makes it hard for consumers to decide who the better choice to hire from REALLY is.

In life we all make decisions based on three elements. From choosing to buy a stick to gum and all
the way to making the biggest purchase of your life. A car, boat, house or vacation.


3 Steps to Making Any Purchase

Three core elements that Strategic Point Marketing targets when upselling
and making our clients stand out among the competition are:


  • Strategic Point Marketing The advantages consumers have when owning YOUR Product or Service
  • Strategic Point Marketing Knowing what objections people may have before buying your Products or service
  • Strategic Point Marketing Why you’re the better choice and deserve their business.