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I Create Effective Digital Strategies That Make Your Business The Clear Leader Online.

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To find out what you should be doing differently, call and schedule a COMPLIMENTARY ONLINE STRATEGY EVALUATION. I’ll utilize our digital tools to determine your current status. Then I’ll recommend what to do next in order to increase your online performance. Find out how I can help you ACHIEVE MEASUREABLE, PROFITABLE RESULTS.


What Makes Me A Successful CMO?

1) I routinely seek out the latest information about Online Strategies.

2) I consistently make those strategies work for my clients.

You’d do it yourself, if you had the time. I understand! For nearly a decade, my team and I have been keeping up with the rapidly evolving realm of online trends. It’s more than a full-time commitment – it’s a lifestyle.

My team and I know the most current methods for effective SEO and we’re continually looking ahead to see what’s on the horizon for online strategies – I read those nerdy blogs, so you don’t have to! I know how Google works (Strategic Point Marketing is a Google-certified partner) AND I can collaborate with web developers/architects to ensure your site stays in the leading online position.

I possess the analytical skills needed to identify keywords that matter in your industry. THEN I develop content accordingly. I also have the management tools in place to both measure and report results of these SEO efforts. You’ll know exactly what’s happening and what we’re going to do next.

Your Online Strategies MUST Be Driven By Intelligent Data, NOT By Guesswork!

As an outsourced CMO, I work with B2B and B2C clients who have the potential to earn GREATER PROFITS with LESS STRESS, if only they had the right online strategies in place. Too often business owners become victims of their own industriousness – the requirements of growing their enterprise begins to exceed what they are able to accomplish in a 24-hour day! To this point, they have developed their business using sheer determination. Now it’s time to call in back up. Let me use my knowledge of online marketing strategy to take you to the next level of profit-earning!

You Want An Experienced Marketing Director…

…without the risk and expense associated with having another employee.

You Want More Customer Calls
Your personal efforts at SEO may have fallen short OR you may have a sneaking suspicion that your IT or SEO “gurus” aren’t doing a very good job. I can quickly evaluate (for a low, one-time cost) what your SEO department is doing well and what needs improvement. I’ll provide you with a full, easy-to-understand report of my findings.

You Want To Get More Calls For Less Money I will start with identifying your cost-per-lead & cost-per-sale. Then I’ll suggest ways to decrease spending while increasing lead flow.