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The Definitive Method For Outsmarting, Out-Maneuvering,
And Out-Performing Your Competition.

(And It’s More Affordable Than You Think)

I Offer The Following Service Levels That Are Geared To Help Your Business Breakthrough
Your Current Online Performance Level. Of course, I can adjust programs to fit your
needs, based on the outcome of our ongoing research and testing.

Plus you can get a free digital marketing plan… Check it out below!


Get the PULSE of your company monthly

  • P remium – No puff, fluff or filler needed. The best content and tools that you will ever find in one place!
  • U NFILTERED – Find out what you SHOULD be doing…. No puffery.
  • L ogical – Learn the most logical parts of marketing from an expert.
  • S trategic – Hear about and how to implement the best strategies available today.
  • E vent – This is the one event you shouldn’t miss every month.

Once a month Joshua will teach an interactive,
high-energy strategy session

Each session will deliver unique content and strategies essential to every business, no matter the industry, to grow.
Below are some of the topics that will be taught.

Crystal Ball of Marketing
Find out what it is, and how you can use it!

What is your core competency? What really makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd and grab peoples attention.

Taught by a Google Certified Partner.

Online Link building and Reputation management.

Digital Marketing
How to set a plan that will be successful for you,
NO MATTER your budget.

What media should you use based on your budget, what to avoid, and how to decrease your budget while increasing your client list.

Selling Bundled Packages
Use winning strategies to sell more with package bundles.

Marketing Scams
that will waste your time and never give you the results you want!

Sales Positioning Packages
Are they really worth it?

Live Event Strategies
Don’t just show up and hope things happen for you. We’ll help you create awesome events that win more business.

Website Optimization Platforms:

1-time digital marketing plan check

Health Check

Are your sales and business strategy working?



Comprehensive 60+ Point Digital Marketing Plan

Get Your Personal Digital Marketing Plan Right HERE

What You Get With A Strategy Health Check Plus The Digital Marketing Plan Review



Cost per lead and acquisition calculation for your business.  For any business to thrive you must know your numbers. I want to help you get a better perspective of what is working and what could be improved.



With more than 60 different components to your website related to SEO – We need to know what is working well and what should be improved.



Figure out what your “Hook” is to grab prospects.  What do you offer to prospects that is low risk to them but high reward for your company to gain the prospect’s information on their first visit.  Let’s Brainstorm Together!



Who are the major players? Why are they ‘king of the mountain’?  How can you knock them off the top? I am going to answer these questions for you!



I don’t have a couch in my office.  I am going to tell you exactly how it is.  Good. Bad. Or Ugly.  The benefit of this approach is that you know what NOT to change… and what you should update RIGHT AWAY.



I am an outsourced CMO.  You are going to get all the time you need to speak with me and determine if I am a good fit to work for you and your company.  I don’t filter how things work and where improvement is needed.  You will get to learn more about me during this program while I also am learning about you!

All this and more wrapped up in a Plain English Marketing Plan.

Wondering What SEO Might Cost? Here Are Three Options That Could Get You Started!

Google Updates

Every time Google rolls out an update we will tell you about it and all the details you should know.

We Do That!

We Do That!

We Do That!


Is the site mobile and user friendly according to Google?


Review & ideas to fix

Review & fix

Website Errors

Do you have errors on your site?

Fixed Quarterly

Fixed Monthly

Fixed Monthly

Analytics Review

An SEO expert review of how your site is trending. Based on Google Analytics.

2x year




What keywords do you currently rank for in your target market? Based on core keywords.

Fixed Homepage

Fix on Main Nav (5 pages)

Every Page (3-6 pages per month)

Meta Titles Used

Do you have meta Title? Relevance score? Count between 50-60 characters. Are you missing any?

Fixed Homepage

Fix on Main Nav (5 pages)

Every Page (3-6 pages per month)

Meta Descriptions Used

Do you have meta description? Relevance score? Count between 100-150 characters. Are you missing any?

Fixed Homepage

Fix on Main Nav (5 pages)

Every Page (3-6 pages per month)

Strong Content

Content count on each page greater than 200 words? Do you use major keywords in that content?

Reviewed on Main Pages basic updates


Google Business Listing

Listed with Google in business and maps.


Checked and updated

Created and optimized

Broken and Dead links

Ensure that robots and users never click on a link are broken. This can effect you in SEO rankings.


Checked and updated

Monthly Monitoring and fixing

Directory Listings

Are you listed in directories/ properly/linked to your site?

Checked and reported

2 New Listings per month

Use of Keywords in Content

What Google sees as your keywords.

Home Page noted

Main Navigation fixed

1 Page per Month updated and fixed

Social Media

Educate consumers and build relationships with prospects while educating them about your business.

Strategy Creation

Strategy Plus Development

Strategy – Development – Implementation

Properly Named URLS

Do website sub urls have keywords used.

Main Navigation pages

Updates ongoing


Does your site have a blog? How many pages does your site have?

One quarterly

One monthly

Internal Hyperlinking

Two Types of links: 1 – Ensure that you have links that follow. 2 – Hyper link text from page to relevant page.

Multiple Pages ongoing


Site should load in under 2 seconds.

Noted Basic Fixes

Updated once

Updated 2x per year

Heat Map Tracking

Where are visitors looking and clicking? Know exactly with our propriatry heat map added to your website.

Reviewed Yearly ongoing

Reviewed 2x per year

Reviewed and updated Quarterly ongoing

Secure Certificate

Is the site secure?/ HTTPS.


Header Tags

Do Header tags have call to action/active adjectives.

Updated Ongoing

With every company that we implement SEO for, we allow them to set the budget they are comfortable with.  Our job is to execute as much work as we can in the allotted time.  We are flexible with budgets and want to create a long lasting relationship.  That means we often spend more time and energy in a website – implementing SEO strategies.  We want to retain our clients with HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY.  That is why we created a program you should review and try for free – Your Digital Marketing Plan – Go there now and check it out!