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To find out what you should be doing differently, call and schedule a complimentary Online Strategy Evaluation. I’ll employ our digital tools to determine your status, and indicate what next steps you can take to raise your online performance. Find out how I can help you Achieve Measurable, Profitable Results.


I Do Two Things: 1) Devour the Latest Information About Online Strategies and 2) Make Those Strategies Work for Our Clients.

Of course you’d stay on top of the latest online strategies if you had the time – but to be a successful business owner, you simply can’t. I know; for nearly a decade I am my team have lived and breathed the latest technology news, and it’s more than a full-time commitment. It’s a lifestyle.

I lead a team and we know the best practices for SEO, and also what’s coming (as much as possible – I read those nerdy cutting edge blogs). I’m knowledgeable about how Google works (Strategic Point Marketing is a Google certified partner, for what that’s worth). I know how to work with web developers to engineer/architect sites to stay in the leading position online.

I have the analytical skills to identify keywords that matter and then draw implications for how I develop content strategy. I also have the management tools in place to measure and report results and impact of SEO efforts so that you know exactly what’s happening, and why – and what I will do next.

To Be Successful, Your Online Strategies MUST Be Driven By Intelligent Data, Not By Guesswork

I work with B2B and B2C businesses that could achieve greater profits, with less stress and headaches, if they only had the right online strategies in place. Too often I find businesses (and business owners) that are victim to their own busy-ness. Their businesses have grown through their sheer determination, but in a 24-hour day, they just don’t have enough time to drill down on what they can and should be doing online. Usually they’ve trusted someone do handle their online marketing and strategy, but it just doesn’t seem to be running on all cylinders.

They want an experienced Marketing Director – without the risk and expense associated with having another employee

They Want More Qualified Customers To Call
They having a sneaking suspicion that their “I.T. and SEO gurus” are not doing a very good job

They Want To Get More Calls For Less Than They’re Spending Right Now