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Meet the guy that is going to tell you how marketing really
works and what YOU should do to increase business.

1990’s – Early 2000’s

Joshua worked in sales for companies like Lamar, Belo, Local Radio Stations, Marketing Agencies, and various other companies peddling some type of lead generation for companies.


After working in all these companies one thing became evident and consistent. Companies that were buying were not retaining the services being sold. How could it be that Joshua was selling a product he thought would work and the users (companies) would not continue to buy. SOMETHING WAS NOT WORKING. Either the medium used was inconsistent or the message was inconsistent.

lightIn 2005


Joshua took a job as a Junior Project Manager at a regional marketing company. The company had been doing marketing for companies mainly in the south with some exposure around the USA. The focus of this company was to take a “box system” and plug it into every company. There was no change for company to company. This was one size fits all.

The great part was that the program actually did work for 80% of clients.


6 months after taking this position Joshua accelerated to become the Senior Project manager overseeing 5 project managers.

2007 Joshua was promoted, answering only to the CEO, as the VP of sales and consulting. From 2007 to 2009 Joshua was closing an average sale of 90k new business a month for the company and had expanded the reach of this system exponentially across the USA as well as into 5 other countries.

30 days before Joshua was getting married the recession, of 2009, had taken its toll on the marketing company and Joshua was asked to step down as the company had to cut costs to stay afloat.

With 0 dollars to start a company and a new wife Joshua needed to find a way to make a living! His parents bought him a computer and Joshua found a few places to start teaching companies how to do marketing. As the word about what Joshua was teaching grew so did the opportunities to teach at new places around the country. Sleeping in unpleasant, dirty hotels Joshua drove across the country to teach his own spin on marketing to companies.

By 2014 Joshua had built up Strategic Point Marketing to have 13 employees and 8 1099 contractors working under the company umbrella.

August of 2014 there was a personal tragedy in life (the death of his mother) and this had him review the
direction of where he was heading and rethink his commitment to the structure he had built.


Joshua has restructured his company and changed his focus on how to help companies grow. Now you can see on this site the new and improved direction of