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I know that when I do my job – you grow.  When you grow – I keep you as a client.
I choose to maximize and optimize your business’s lead generation by spending as little as possible.  Then Find The Most Effective Strategies To Achieve The Best Results Possible.

There’s A Right Way To Execute An Online Strategy – And Most Online Companies Aren’t DOING IT

The key factor in my success is simply to know my stuff. Other SEO companies (quietly) hire us to advise them and consult with them about how to overcome the online marketing problems they can’t seem to fix. I take pride in being experts/masters of our craft. I don’t want to brag (really – I don’t) – but it’s important that you understand, I attend SEO conferences and tech strategy sessions (often teaching at them), but frankly, I seldom see or hear anything at these conferences that I haven’t already known for a long time. Whenever news breaks, my team and I are reading about it and then adjusting our clients’ strategies accordingly.

Whatever The Size Of Your Business, Your Budget, And Your Goals, There’s ALWAYS An Optimal Strategy To Achieve Results

I started Strategic Point Marketing during the downturn of the markets in 2008. I had been successful in marketing and sales businesses all my life, but growing a business from the ground up in some of the harshest industry conditions in recent history –required effort, diligence, grit, and an ability to maximize value. To this day, one of the most valuable qualities I have is that I know what it’s like to be in a position where every dollar has to count.

There Is A Data-Driven, Proven Way To Maximize Our Value, And Improve Your Results

My passion is sitting down with a business and identifying their challenges, taking an account of their resources (financial and otherwise), and then applying our expertise to leverage strengths to achieve great results. That’s what I do.

I’d Love To Solve All Of Your Challenges At Once – But We’ve Got To Be Smart About Executing Our Plan

The way I attack your online marketing challenges is to set priorities, and apply resources as intelligently as possible. If your website has 150 significant problems and you have $800 for online marketing, it might take a few months to get them all fixed. When I perform a full evaluation on your online presence, I will set the right priorities to get you optimized as quickly as possible
I am the expert at closing the rift between where you are now, and where you want to be.


Let’s Work To Maximize Your Budget

All I Do Is Focused On Improving Your ROI – I test, optimize, and work to perfect your online
strategy to achieve the highest possible return on your investment.