Joshua Ramsey

A Google Specialist
Teaching Online Strategies

That All Business Owners Need To Be Competitive

Searching through Voice Search is an evolution of change. More and more people are Starting their sentences with “Hello Google.”

See exactly how to optimize your website allowing consumers to find you easier.

Attendees will be given a list of free online tools, provided by Google, along with other relevant website tools that SHOULD be used. Then shown in real time how to decipher the information you obtain from these tools.

You MUST know the basics before trusting any SEO company.

Business owners are always looking for that competitive edge over others.  You want more leads but often don’t know how to get the traffic to the site or when traffic is there – Why Aren’t They Calling?

Learn what 88% of businesses are doing wrong and how you can fix it.

There are constant advancements that Google publishes.  These advancements are important to website owners that should be followed exactly and in a timely manner.

See real life examples of a company that didn’t follow these updates and had a 20% dip in their business all tied to lack up updates

Most people want to know more about Google.  There are so many questions and often business owners don’t know where to go or look to find answers.

Attend one of these events and you will get the answers you are looking for!

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Google has recognized me as a person that they trust based on passing tests and
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